Why should you learn Spanish?

It will open the door for you to a new world and expand your professional boundaries. It will also help you to understand better a trendy culture.

Why with us?

Qualified native teachers and modern teaching methods. You will learn Spanish and know more about our culture.

Learn Spanish

It is the official language in 21 countries. The second most spoken language in the world. Native language for more than 420 million people. Grammatically it is one of the richest languages.

Featured Spanish Courses in Solingua

Solingua. Intensive Spanish Courses

Acquisition of grammatical concepts which allow you to be able to manage real-life situations in Spanish. Perfect courses for those who want to start learning Spanish, or for those who wish to combine classes with leisure.

Intensive Spanish

Solingua. Spanish Courses for Residents

A program designed for residents who want to learn Spanish at their own pace and can combine it with your daily routine. You can choose the number of hours and days a week in which to receive classes.

Spanish for Residents

Solingua. Summer Camp Spanish Courses

If you are from 13 to 17 years old, Solingua offers you an opportunity to stay in touch with students from other countries. Enjoy an international context and know about Spanish culture.

Summer Camp

Solingua. Spanish Courses and Internship in Spanish Companies

With Solingua’s professional internship programme, you will have the chance to work as an intern in Spanish companies. It’s an unique opportunity to improve your Spanish and practise it in the working environment.

Internship in Spanish Companies

Accommodation: learn spanish with our courses and relax


Solingua. Accommodation with Spanish Families

Spanish families

The best way to make progress quickly in learning Spanish and understanding its culture is living with a Spanish family while you’re studying here.

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Solingua. Accommodation in an Apartment or a Studio

Apartment & Studios

Staying in an apartment or a studio is a good option for those who are staying for long period or who prefer to live in a independent way.

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Solingua. Accommodation in a Hotel


The accommodation in a hotel is perfect for students who value the comfort above all and for those who are not staying long period with us.

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